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Mio Hayashi, Photographer

Photographer|HAYASHI MIO

Mio Hayashi is a Japanese photographer based in Dublin who loves to capture moments through the camera lens. She has been refining her personal style in various photographic genres.

If you like her photography, please do not hesitate to contact her. She is always open to working with new clients and creating amazing photos together.


Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Photography in 2015, and traveled to New Zealand soon after. After returning to Japan in 2017, she joined Hakuhodo Product's as an assistant photographer. In 2020, she left the company to work as a PR staff member at Sakuragawa City Hall, where she was responsible for launching new projects, managing social media accounts, and taking product photos for various local companies. In 2022, she played a key role in launching Asakusa Self Photo and managed a variety of tasks, including store operation, staff training, event planning, and so on. She’s currently in Dublin, Ireland, working as a freelance photographer since March 2023.


She has held photography exhibitions in Japan and New Zealand in the past, and some of her works can be viewed on this website.


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